Lonestar Barbell Club

Born from Powerlifting

Lone Star Iron Wear, as a brand, began in January of 2020 as a compliment to Lone Star Barbell Club, our small hardcore training facility here in the Northwest Houston area

How It All Began

As a concept, it began in the Spring of 2002 with Lone Star Barbell Club the garage gym powerlifting club that we operated from our home. The principles of Lone Star Iron Wear were born in 1981, when I, Ron Carroll, as a 12-year-old boy, was first introduced to weightlifting and my world changed forever. 

A Home To All

Relentless Pursuit Of The Iron

We here at Lone Star Iron Wear love every aspect of training, the gym, the pursuit of the iron.  It has helped shape every detail of who we are as people and who we are as a company. 


In December of 2022 we were forced to close our gym. It was devastating. 20+ years of dreaming and working toward opening our own place and 3 years later it was gone. 

A life in the iron prepares you to push forward, no matter the circumstance. This is the life we put into our clothes. 



This is the attitude that drives everything we do.  There is no quit. There is no failure.  There is only another opportunity to win. Another day to get better and be better.  This is what Lone Star Iron Wear is.  It’s in our DNA

Our Brand ETHOS

 We produce clothing that those who have given their lives to the pursuit of spiritual, mental and physical improvement can wear with pride.

Unapologetic adherence to a life in the iron.

If that’s you, welcome home.  If that’s not you, yet, and you’d like to join us, we say come on in.

There’s always room for another member of the iron brotherhood.